Shooting with Jacqueline Marie in Jacksonville, FL

Back to Jacksonville, Florida to shoot with up and coming fitness model Jacqueline Marie. Jacksonville is a great city with a lot of locations and great beaches. Due to the high chance of rain, we decided to stay in town to shoot and found a location with a pool and killer landscaping. Traveling light, I loaded up my Nikon Speedlights, Scrim Jim, my new Westcott Halo 45" light modifier and of course sand bags. Never forget your sand bags, never! 

Keeping the set up simple and mobile we shot around the complex with one light and the Halo. Using my Pocket Wizard Mini and Flex to control the speedlights and shooting high speed sync (HSS) which is great when shooting outdoors in bright sun. I could have used my Scrim Jim to cut down on the sun but shooting with out assistants it would have become one more piece of equipment to drag around and set up. Using HSS and positioning your model right can solve the harsh light and shadow problem. 

We shot 4 outfits around the pool and inside. Here are few of the images from the shoot. Over all I was pleased with Halos performance. Jacqueline was great to work with and I look forward to big things from her in the future.   

Link to Model

Instagram: Jacquline Marie