Miss Nashville: Amberly Hall

Behind the scenes with Amberly Hall

Behind the scenes with Amberly Hall

I packed up and headed out to see my good buddy Amberly Hall in Nashville, Tennessee to shoot her calendar submission pictures. I was excited to work with the 2019 Hooters Girl of Year (congratulations to her, by the way). I arrived in Nashville on Saturday to check out the store and explore Nashville’s new nightlife spots. Nashville never disappoints and neither did the shoot with Amberly. The early morning shoot at the Hooters of Downtown Nashville provided a great shooting environment. The store has lots of natural lighting, and the haunted third floor with the unfinished brick walls were a cool alternative shooting spot within the same place—we got ourselves a 2-for-1 deal. Shooting commenced at 7:00 am on Sunday, we were pressed for time since everything needed to be wrapped up by 10:00 am before the store opened for business. Between the laughs, social media post and actually shooting, we had a great time! We shot about three different looks that morning and scored tons of BTS footage that she might share one day, but until then check out the video below. Overall I would deem this shoot another success, and I am looking forward to shooting with Amberly soon—only this time we’ll try and hit the beach.

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