Photo Shoot with Paige Cowell

I had the opportunity to work with Model Paige Cowell at the 89 Speed Shop in Mount Airy, North Carolina. They have a great collection of hot rods and custom cars to choose from. Today we shot with a tricked out yellow Chevy pick truck for a magazine submission and advertising for the shop.

My two light set up for the day was a Nikon SB-910 speedlight with a white translucent umbrella as my main light and another SB-910 speedlight without the dome on for fill light to bring some light into the truck cab. We started shooting early on a cloudy day so I did not have to worry about any direct harsh sunlight hitting her. We shot the truck in a field next to shop with just trees in the background to limited distractions. 

Details: The fan was great to keep the gnats away!

Details: The fan was great to keep the gnats away!


To trigger the Nikon Speedlights I used the Pocket Wizard Mini TT1 and Flex TT5 with the AC3 controller. I have used Pocket Wizard II's for years and they have worked flawlessly. The Mini and Flex now allow me to control the lights with out leaving the camera position which is a time saver! No more walking to each speedlight every time I want to change the power setting. 

All in all another great shoot with Paige and the magazine published our images! 

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Instagram: MotoPrincess27

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Images and video from the shoot with Paige Cowell